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Originally Posted by Skladfin View Post
well in the end, it's just personaly preference. There's really no "perfect" set up for every body.
That is very true

For those deciding for a gun solely based on your height and you are a speeder like me

I am 5 foot 7 and Slim

- Full Sized AK feels clumsy but great for long range
- M14 Socom nice tight feel but same as the AK hard to run about with it
- M4 and MP5 have a good feel to it
- SCAR is the best since the stock has a nice cheek rest and I usually put it to the 4th position

Favourite Personal Choice - P90

For new guys going for the P90 I highly suggest you ask to borrow or rent other guns to try out. The P90 is definitely not for everyone as the Mags can be problematic and its usually the number one complaint that most people say but once you get the P90 its light, manuverable, and easy to store and carry to games.

I can store my whole P90 setup in a normal school back pack. CQB it is one of the best guns due to not having a barrel sticking out I can corner very well and does not give away your position.

Outdoor games its still good to use though I suggest having a upgraded soft hop up and you are still good to go. If you want added range stability 363mm barrel should help. I noticed my shots went farther when I swapped out the barrel.

Only downfall is that when shooting you usually have to go the side of cover. If say you wanted to pop upwards from a rock you would have to expose more of your body in order for the barrel to clear.

Also for New P90 Users who are hard pressed for gear

You can use cheapo Chest regs - EA AK Chest Rigs can fit P90 mags

Those with more disposable income LOOK HERE: Best custom P90 stuff in all shapes ans sizes and colours
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