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Actually I'm in Vancouver right now but I'll be back at the UofL in Fall hopefully.

Really though it's a paintball store which "sells BB guns on the side". There's nothing wrong with that, especially since I play paintball occasionally when I'm invited by friends.

Also it sounds like that guy is paranoid like shit. It's not illegal to sell airsoft guns that have somehow made their way in country (especially if it's "old stock" from before 1998) just importation is a problem. That's how the law is to my knowledge but how it plays out might be a different story.

You have to keep in mind that they're a business and need to make money, selling sub $150 guns for upwards of $300 is how they're making their profit, I don't see anything wrong with that. I personally wouldn't buy from there but it's a legitimate business model, if it bothers you that much don't go there, vote with your dollar.

Remember, a fool and his money are soon separated. If other people are willing to pay exorbant prices like that then all the power to them. Some people will just walk into the Sony store for example and just buy a TV like that whereas some people will look around for deals for the same TB at other places like FS, BB, Newegg, etc.
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