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Black AEG

Ok so I have been holding this in, it was my dream really and couldn't ruin it in any way... But now I think things finally have come to this point.

So Lethbridge Alberta, last august a friend and I went into this paintball store that had moved from another small town. We had heard they had airsoft guns. Walked in to see a wall of paintball guns and a small section of aegs. All weapons were full black with orange flash guard except on SIG 552 (I got that one). One or more AK47 a AK74, m4 and mp5s all in black. Oh and a black SIG, anyway they claimed that a $300 - $400 price tag was because they were unaware of the current market price and that the next order would see a price increase. I got my SIG $280 my buddy got an M4 at $320 (I think) but thought no way another order would get through. March this year more friends went in and came out with an m4 S-system, m14 scout, SAR, AK tactical, Mauzer and colt. Each paid like $400 - $500 and are just loving it, all black models and some have no orange flash (SAR and AK). This was awsome stuff, then we figured out it was all through palco and that the guns were all mid grades. Okay we dealt with it ya we are goona upgrade but then my buddies Colt GBB started messing up and he brought it in to see what they would do. They said they would have to send it accross the border, my friend said he didn't want that and that they should service it in canada. He called back the next week and they had already sent it away.

I don't know what to make of this, I was so happy they were getting me my gun, supplying bbs and mags. The sketchy black guns were cool and if they got busted I had my legal SIG... But my friend is moving at the end of the month, he told this store that he was moving AND that he wanted his gun serviced in Canada. Now this store always asks us what we want for them to order but they never call when it comes (popular item) or don't order it (rare item). Thats life, but man when you repeatedly purchase over priced bbs, batteries and mags just to be forgotten on orders or not called or disregarded when it comes to servicing your purchase?

What should an honest ASC member do in the case of shadey business and the likes of this?
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