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We're in the same situation up here in Yellowknife, NT. We get 4 or 5 guys out so far...

One we tried that's a lot of fun, is a road game. You get a short road (only need 200m MAX), any trail will do. You put two "end zones" about 50m apart or so, with a flag in the middle. You restart at the far opposite ends of the road, and your goal is to get the flag across the opposing teams endzone. As you are moving it to their endzone, it's getting closer to their respawn, so it's harder. We've made it a bit better by putting a bunch of pallets vertically on the road, so there's lots of cover.

Oh, and the more important part: The flag HAS to stay ON the road. So if you've secured the area you can move it up, but if it gets to hot or you get shot, you have to drop it on the road and bug out.

Lots of fun,

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