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Thanks everyone for the justification, I am new to EMT and PayPal so I wasn't to sure what the two dollars was for.


For one I was not "whining", I was mearly asking for some justification because I did not understand the reason ( because ther wasn't one given ) for two dollars to be held back. Further more Krusty was unclear in his statement, he did say he would be giving back 98 minus 2......this would end up being 96. The whole thing was unclear and I just needed justification.
I would hope that next time someone asks a question you don't reply in such a rude manner.

It's sad that there are so many people that are a part of this community and yet so few can see the value behind an event like BW3. This kind of event isnt held every week, and it would be shame for it to be cancelled because so many took it for granted. I hope we can get enough people on board for this, but if not I would like to thank Krusty and his staff for there efforts.
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