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I think of that $2 as a way to justify the time and effort already put in for what might turn out to be a flop. I sincerely hope its not as it would be such a shame for all of us. Especially with the examples of other provinces you mentioned and their huge games.

Some people just don't understand the scope of the location its being held at. I played there this past March for Operation Broadsword, and godDAMN is this place ever majestic. Its every airsofters wet dream, and the mere fact that we have (had?) it at our disposal is nothing short of an honor. So for all of those who helped make this nothing more than a pipe dream by saying you will be there, but not acting when the time comes, all I can say is thanks for nothing.

We still have 2 days boys and girls, scrape together whatever money you can, borrow, beg, call in favors, hit up Visa/Mastercard, sell semen/blood/urine (not mixed together of course), turn to prostitution, do what ever you can to get a measly $100 just to help make this a reality and worry about the rest later.
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This is the equivalent to knocking on deaths door and blowing his head off with a shotgun.
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