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Originally Posted by paragan View Post
Something much more better than average - hard to say im not very experienced
Ok, so your problem right now is that you have a goal without even knowing what that goal is. You just want to upgrade for the sake of upgrading, which is honestly the worst reason to upgrade.

Play with the gun first. Learn how it performs. Then upgrade. There's a little saying that used to be thrown around here that seems to have left us: If you have to ask what to upgrade, you don't need to upgrade. Basically, it means that after you've played with the gun for a while, you'll know what it needs. Until you know what you need to upgrade, don't worry about doing it.

Disclaimer: My above refeers to preformance upgrades, not durability/reliabilty upgrades (which aren't usually an issue when dealing with higher end guns like CA, TM, ICS, G&P, etc.)

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