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If I may offer a small observation, if there is indeed a refund in full the game information thread should possibly be worded more clearly, as it currently states "A Full refund (minus $25 admin fee) will be given for cancellations up to June 1st 2009. Other refunds after June 2nd 2009 will be reviewed on an individual basis." -- I had to re-read it a few times to understand this was actually for people canceling (calling out) rather than the event itself being canceled (and this only after having read this thread which re-iterated the "full refund" several times).

There's also another thread in the BW3 section that says the cost is $125 after June 2nd (although as I understand it, it's still $100).

Just some FYI, as some people may be reluctant to pay up right now if they also read it the way I initially did.
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