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Ive been checking the classified, buy/sell, and retailer threads at least 5x a day to check for any new info and msgs. This site is pretty much my home page now as I check it very frequently and ask tons of questions in the newbie section. Well, i paid JoeFriday a gun I wanted so im hoping that will pull through. But i havent heard from him. If not, i have to settle for something else.

Btw, you guys knew I was only kidding about changing the Canadian laws right?

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I concur!

I once shared the same saddness when first joining but you get use to it. And what dpvu said holds a lot of weight on how used guns are taken care of, it is true since guns are hard to come by you take care of the ones you have better. (Granted there are a few sloppy players but you can't win them all)

One thing that a lot of new players learn is The Hunt, always checking the classfieds every day cause you never know when your wanted gun comes

Definitely make use of the wanted ads, I always check those to get a rough idea on whats in demand
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