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AEPs have their place, especially in the cold where GBBs won't work at all. However, if you go that route, be sure to get a TM. Other brands just plain suck and will give you even more trouble than a cheap GBB. TMs are reliable. You can upgrade them to shoot in the 250-260 fps range too, which isn't bad.

As for problems with GBBs - if you get a good gun and perform regular maintenance, you'll get tens of thousands of shots out of a quality GBB without any problems. If you cheap out and get a budget brand pistol, then chances are you will be plagued with problems. TM, WA and KSC/KWA are the guns to get with GBBs. In the lower price range, KJW can be hit or miss. The guns are generally great, but mags tend to develop leaks. I wouldn't touch any of the cheaper brands (HFC, Army, Meister, etc) with a 10 foot pole. There's a reason they're cheap
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