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Originally Posted by burningashes View Post
Propane is the way to go. Nuff said. For sidearm get an M9 or 1911. There are plenty of those out there and quite reliable too usually. As usual, you cant go wrong with Tokyo Marui GBBs.
I concur!

It really depends on your taste and style of side arm you like

If you like Small compact SMG

- Mac 11
- Skorpion

They are quite small and quick to grab if you are in a pinch and enjoy a full auto package

Or if you enjoy Pistols like me then you should see if you:

Are you a big and powerful elephant killer?
- Desert Eagle

Do you like practicality and don't care about looks
- Glocks

Do you like sleek guns
- 1911

Do you like being an enforcer and shoot zombies (Resident evil they use this pistol a lot)
- Beretta M9

Do you like guns with a large array of upgrades
- Hi-Capa (2011)
- Pistolero Steve -

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