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The guy who runs (and owns i believe) the Laser Trek in Calgary. (The big really fat dude, more like a chairsofter now i guess)

[Start Rant]
OMGoodness!! That guy is a complete asshole. He sells all black airsoft guns at ridiculous prices that even people at this forum would laugh at. And he misleads people regarding airsoft. I was just there today to play and i noticed some airsoft sniper rifle guns on the wall. So i go up have a look. I asked about some prices and they were ridiculous. He was selling a L96 (stock) for $600!! Thats $300 more than its actual value here in Canada. The i asked about a Tec9 and he gave me a price that was $650 more than its actual value in Canada!! Absolutely ridiculous. Then i asked about a Marushin Uzi and he said it was $900. I just couldnt believe my ears.
Then a guy comes up and starts asking for info about airsoft cuz hes new. The guy feeds him bullshit that its a dying sport and people are getting arrested and cops are going around to peoples houses and confiscating guns etc. I walked upto the guy and said goto airsoft canada, talk to gish and get age verified. The store owner interjects and says "Chances of getting verified on Airsoft Canada now, very low. Chances of getting verified in 2010, Zero". I couldnt believe it!!! What an asshole!! Like he doesnt want people to join the airsoft community. The poor guy was shocked when i told him about what was really going on.
That reminded me of the first time when i went there when i was a newbie. The guy who was working there there fed me bullshit about airsoft but luckily i joined this website as a last resort cuz i randomly found it and lo behold!! I was surprised by how much alive the sport was and how much guns were in circulation and how friendly the community was!!
Anyone who dealt with these guys, tell me your experiences (especially if you were new to the sport) with Laser Trek. Seems like these guys have a twisted agenda of their own.
[End Rant]

Word of advice, Dont deal with them. They dont deserve it.

Sorry for the rant but this had to be said. I just couldnt be quiet and let them do this to other people.

Wow, that is pretty crazy. I can't beleive he would say that airsoft is a dying sport; if anything, it is picking up IMO, especially with the MUCH more reasonable prices (well unless you buy from him that is) on the guns, compared to awhile back.

One thing I can't understand though: why on earth would this guy talk like that about airsoft if he is sitting there and SELLING airsoft guns? That didn't make good sense to me. Did I miss something? LOL!
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