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Ok I will try forcing it, even if I'm afraid of breaking it.

The AK is a G&P model with LCT wood kit

Edit: I force the Co2 cartridge down the mag, it works, you hear the gas coming out, but I can get more than one shot at a time, then I must remove the mag, put it back, play with the charging handle, have another shot... so for now, still not working. Any ideas?

Edit 2: I installed the white plastic stabilizer. It stabilize the Co2 noozle. But I am very deceived by the Co2 magazine. First, it's hard as hell to close the mag with the Crossman Co2 cartridge inside (so that the mag will break the metal cap of the cartridge). Second, power is very unconscistent, going from 299 fps to 550 fps to not being able the cycle the gun. Removing the cartridge can be as hard as installing it, because it get stuck inside the magazine. Already a piece that fall of the inside the magazine (rubber ring). So, I guess I'm the only one with those problems since on youtube everything seems to go right on. For the price, the Co2 kit is good for to thing: getting 570fps on propane and stabilizing the power of propane to around 520 fps.

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