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Originally Posted by Alexei View Post
Dude let me give you some good advice, if your a first time AEG buyer, get a Tokyo Marui AK 47, full shoulder stock version. This comes from personal experience, I got my first AEG at 14 years old, way before age verification and all the new laws. It was a TM AK 47, and ever since that time I have had quite a few guns but I miss my AK 47. The reason I recommend this gun is because I had it for five years and shot tens of thousands of rounds through it with no care or maintenance and it was outstanding all the time. But I think get the Full stock one because you can use a large 3300mah battery and that will let you shoot the whole day.
TM is nice but if he want a ready to go with little upgrade or maintanance he would probably be happier with a King Arms, don't get me wrong TM is reliable but to field it you need to change a few things to make it maintenance free such as those awfull plastic bushings. I have a TM AK that been around since 91 and teh only thing done to it is bushings, spring guide, set of pistons and 2 set of gears over the years and it is still one of my ol' reliable but in any case it is ultimately your choice Brockavich, you are the one putting up the mony for it.
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