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If you buy the tf-16 you might as well play with a plastic knife. The built in hop-up sucks, rate of fire is terrible, prone to breaking and they look ugly too.

I have an aftermath broxa and I will say this.. DON'T buy a clear lower receiver G&G over the broxa. If this is a starter gun its better to save yourself the money, upgrade the gearbox and you just saved $100~$150 minus the 6.08 barrel and you have something that is truly feild worthy. I have an extra Broxa if you are interested too once you get age verified. I've had the experience of using a few aftermath guns and they are hands down the best starter grade gun for their price. People will probably flame me for saying that but you won't get a single complaint for anyone who actuallys owns one. By the way has them on sale right now for 149.99. Hope you aren't thinking of buying one for $230 from places like

A point of advice though, the rate of fire for the broxa isn;t the best. You might want to save up $70 and buy a better motor as the stock motor (although last awhile) isn't the best for Rounds Per Minute to power the spring.

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Spend the extra $50-$100 and get a G&G. I've seen way too many Broxas and Krakens fail after less than 1000 rnds.

Oh and I've put at least 6,000 rounds in mine. Just remember once you get the gun after around 1,00 rounds just re-grease the mech box and you're golden.
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