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WE AWSS M4A1 ver.2 first impression

I received today my LNIB WE AWSS M4A1 ver.2. As this is my first M4, I find this gun small, very compact compare to my Ak-47. The grip came very loose, I screwed it back. The gun is very heavy, +- 3kg, all metal. The original mag is leaking, so I ordered one already, 35$ us and one CO2 mag, 45$ us. I also ordered the CO2 conversion kit, 30$ us. All from

General Aspect The gun look sturdy, impressive, solid as rock. The paint is not very good, but it had to the solid feeling of the gun. It's not meant for being a wallhanger, even if it's what it will do here. There is a flash hider, and the front part of the outer barrel loosen itsfel with time. I put a little drip of blue locktite, and it work very well.

Disassembly This is a very easy gun to field strip. There are no screws, simple push pins to acces the internal. The bolt carrier is in metal and feel very strong. You can further disassemble the gun by removing the front grip, front sight (push pins and an allen screw), flash hider (unscrew), front part of the outer barrel (unscrew). Then you will need a wrench to unscrew the remains of the outer barrel. I removed the inner barrel for cleaning and it is a very pain in the ass job to do. There are push pins everywhere, and the one to free the inner barrel from the gas tube is very small and hard to hammer out. The inner barrel was extremly dirty. It's a 6.025 brass inner barrel.

Power is 420fps first shot, then going downward as the propane cool down. With the Co2 noozle, power is at 571fps first shot, then with the stabilizer, stabilize around 525fps. I have a lot of difficulties getting a good reading with Co2, but is less strong then propane. The blow back is the main part of those GBB rifle. It's strong, crisp, has a lot of recoil. It does slow the rate of fire but as said before, this is the main raison of those rifle GBB, make airsoft guns so much more realistic!

Accuray is pretty bad because of the recoil. On full auto it is even badder. The hop up can be easily adjust by hand when the slide door is open, but remain not very effective. There is a new hop up version available with stainless inner barrel.

Overal quality is ok. But for 900$ canadian, I wish it could has a bit more to offer.

+ pro:
All metal
Heavy weight
Very powerful with Co2 Noozle
Very strong blow back and recoil
Easy field stripping
Coolness factor
35$ us a mag

- low:
Standar paint job
Magazine can leak
Bolt does not stay open when magazine emptied
Co2 magazine does not work well at all

YouTube - WE AWSS M4A1 version 2

YouTube - WE AWSS M4A1 colt ver.3

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