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Originally Posted by Doombringer View Post
So, if I am not planning on frequent spring upgrades/changes, I should just go with a Clear G&G, as they are similar in quality but cheaper than ICS ? I don't really mind having to take it apart to change the spring, as long as it's not everyday.
If you're going to change springs a lot, pick an ICS. The split mechbox means a spring change takes one screwdriver and 5 minutes. With a standard V2 mechbox (as found in the G&G) you have to completely remove and disassemble the ENTIRE mechbox every single time. That also requires removal of the grip, motor, mag catch and stock/buffer tube every time. Even if you don't change springs a lot, most of the things prone to failure in a V2 are in the top half (piston, tappet plate, mechbox itself). Properly shimmed and maintained gears rarely fail and that's all the bottom half really is (plus switch assembly).
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