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assuming you are getting the clear lower receiver version my answer applies. If not ignore it as I have no experience with the non CND versions. (which for G&G will not effect internals)

ICS guns are alot more newbie friendly when it comes to upgrading due to their split gearbox design. Most come at 300 fps out of the box. The one downside to having a split gearbox design is that not to many upgraded options are availiable in terms of mechbox shells. This means they charge you more for as its a spec product to ICS. Rpm normally is around 1000+. ICS also tends to stick with good wiring and internals just like G&G so there isn't much difference there.

The G&G versions tend to have alot more built in features out of the box. Example 14mm threaded barrels (for silencer attachments etc) and fire around 360 fps. They price rangers basically vary but how much metal you find in the guns. Also since they do not use the split gearbox design you will find it ALOT cheaper to upgrade in terms of re-inforced gearboxes etc. Stock G&Gs with a 8.4 battery normally get a 900+ rpm rating.

Basically I'd say this. If you plan on upgrading your AR to 400 fps either way you still have to spend money. So go with what you like. They are so similar it really doesn't matter. Now if you are happy at 360 fps save your money and go with a G&G.
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