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I appreciate that it's probably a lost cause, but you know how some people (me) can be, call me gullable or just plain a nice guy in giving him the benefit of the doubt.

I have numerous email conversations on the matter saved. Unfortunately I lost the address he gave me as it was on an old laptop that went fubar.

RockinShaun, I would appreciate any assistance from your friend in the RCMP, I have the phone number that "Dustin" gave me and I think also a friend of mine has his Cell number. If he is interested in the "email papertrail" as evidence etc then I would be happy to email them over to him, to an official email address.

I admit I was caught by a scammer and I know we all have them all over the world. It's great to know that they are few and far between and that there are a lot of great people who are willing to help.

By the way, the email address I have for him, I know he uses as he logs in to MSN on it.
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