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Originally Posted by Doombringer View Post
What are the approx numbers of BBs for a Low/Mid/Hi cap ?
Realcap = 20-30 rounds.
Lowcap = 50-70 rounds.
Midcap = 100-120 rounds.
Hicap = 200-600 rounds.
Drum/Cmag = 1500-5000 rounds.

The numbers differ depending on both the gun (especially for hicaps) and the manufacturer of the mags. As you can imagine, a hollow AK47 mag could hold a hellofa lot more rounds then a hollow mp5 mag. Drum/Cmags are usually electrically wound. People may dislike hicaps, but if you bring out a drum/Cmag they're going to hate you. The exception of course being SAW's.

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