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Not uncommon for those setups. Mini batteries (stick/rectangle/butterfly/etc...) suck for extended usage and "snappy" trigger response.

A big motor will not be the best bang for your'll just use up your battery faster. (i.e. better response for fewer shots).

Jimski's got it need a pack that can supply more Amps than a mini pack.

Unfortunately...a large sub-C cell sized battery will not be able to fit a dragunov. (the only guy I saw who had one "hidden" modded the stock and hid the pack under a cheek pad).

So you'd be looking at a lipo stick. Look at the C rating of the pack...that's how many factors of it's discharge rate that it can "dump" on demand. Take the capacity (in your example 1300mAh) and divide by 1000 (so 1.3A). Then multiply by the C rating (i.e. 12C, 15C, 20/25/30/35/etc....). AEGs normally use 13-18A (and the startup is a little higher than when it's running up to speed). So you're looking for a C rating of 12-15 (1.3x12 = 15.6A...1.3x15=19.5A). LiPo's have both peak and sustained C ratings (peak is the max it'll put out...sustained is sustained). Take the lable with a grain of salt...and the fact that it's a bit of marketing...if it's only got one C rating labled it's probably the Peak rating (and it might be "generous"). So I'd aim for a 15C or even 20C (1.3x20 = 26A...which is pretty stiff!!!) if I wanted a "snappy" setup. Remember it's a factor of the mAh and the C rating....not just voltage or amps on their own. can't expect a tiny slim stick lipo to SUSTAIN the same power draw as a 2200 mAh LiPo brick. Under heavy sustained drain...the little LiPo's will get really hot (not a good thing). They'll be fine for semi-auto (which is more suitable for a Dragunov rifle)...and they last for a lot of shots.

Best of luck finding a match for your rifle,


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