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Originally Posted by Brockavich View Post
In the near future, when my boss decides to actually give me some damn hours (recession, yay :|), I'm going to be buying a full size assault rifle for outdoor matches.

Now my main dilemma is that there's a difference between what's most upgradeable and what's most durable and such, and what rifles I actually like.

The first thing I'll say before anyone fires off the names of their fave rifles at me is that I do NOT want an M4/M16. Seriously. I know everyone uses them and such, but I'm honestly not a fan of the M4. Aside from me not liking what everyone else likes, I kinda want to be original in my weapon choice

The rifles I was looking at were:

-CA Steyr AUG A1 (yes, A1. I like the look of the fixed scope better)
-A brand of HK416, honestly I don't know which. JG?
-F2000, does anyone even make the real deal in airsoft? I saw there's a FS2000 (which is the civilian version right?), but I'd prefer the F2000.
-A modern looking AK74 or AKM (I know that's not very specific, but... If you know of any modern looking AK's, holler)

Any suggestions on my favorites and any of your personal favorites are very welcome. This will be my first "big" AEG and I'd like to make the right decision.

Thanks a chunk
Get a King Arms FAL they are sweet out of the box and not everyone will have them on the field
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