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The Tube you have in the picture was made for electrical wiring. Mainly an anti-oxident to prevent the natural wear and corrosion of materials carrying, conducting or are in contact with electricity. Back in the day when electrical wire was aluminum instead of copper you would add this when joining the two diferent materials together to prevent the copper from corroding. You would also use is when fastening any two different types of metals together to pervent corrosion.
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As for the plastic and rubber o rings again with electrical Marretts or marrs or the cap shaped wire connectors which you twist on to attatch two wires together uesd to have plastic or rubber o rings inside to hold the part of the connector that holds the wires together as does some types of automotive fasteners.
You may want to put some on a piece of paper and let it sit for a few days to see how it reacts. It may be old and harden. Some also acted as a glue drying like Caulking would while others could be used as a lube.
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