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Originally Posted by mcguyver View Post
I'm nearly certain this is the guy formerlly known as Alpine, Vortex, Sohxblitz, bio, blitz, deathcom4, etc. :
Correct, well known scammer from the area, we haven't seen him in a very long time as he's been banned for close to three years now.
Unfortunatly i'm sorry to say your probably not going to get your money back.

Our last known info
Name: Dustin Michael Fabor
AKA: Biggie, Alpine, Vortex, Blitz, Bio, D_Com
DOB: June 4th, 1985
Current Whereabouts (As Of June 1st, 2007): Kelowna

Current Web Pages containing Information of him:
Tactical Operations Calgary's newest airsoft Milsim club. Bringing high quality games to Western Canada
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