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The Man from the UK
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Trying to trace someone in Canada

Ladies and Gents, fellow airsofters,

I am sorry to burden you with this problem, but I am near the end of my tether with this.

I am trying to trace a guy, from Calgary AB, who has owed me nearly Can $300 for a year after promising to send me some kit. He has also claimed to be over in Ireland and London, with the kit, and yet it never appeared.

He seems to be ignoring me now so I find myself in a position where I will very soon be making contact with either the RCMP or the Canadian Courts in an effort to recover my money. Despite numerous chances, false promises and lame excuses to return my cash he has not yet done so.

If anyone knows of:

Dustin Bouchard

Please pass this link to him and I hope that I will recieve a swift resolution to this year long problem.

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