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Originally Posted by Sawstink View Post
Would a tightbore barrel, better gearbox, and possibly a better spring make the G&G just as good if not better than the JG? could I buy the G&G, and buy certain select parts that are present in the JG model? (gearbox, barrel etc.)
JG is not something to shoot for. It just has a bunch of higher performance parts out of the factory and therefore less of a hassle for those not inclined to upgrade their guns. For the G&G all you need is a new spring, bearing spring guide, and a tighterbore barrel. These are standard things that many serious airsofters will put into any gun if gaming outdoors.


And is this information false, or is this only true for the later models?

This is model specific and only if that model has recieved a late 2008 refresh of the design (like the JG HK416) I was talking about the S-System because that is the one that you mentioned. The latest version has full metal reciever, m120 spring, bearing spring guide, and even has a mosfet chip installed from the factory. That said, there are many more things inside a gearbox and even the shell itself that people do upgrade.

Like I said before, just read the reviews yourself. Probably none or very few of us actually have these guns you are asking about. You need to do your own research.

Listen to The Saint and just game the gun when you buy it and see if you are happy with it. Upgrades can be a hassle when you are just starting out.

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