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Originally Posted by Sawstink View Post
Oh, ok thanks for clearing that up
Is the G&G still worth the $370 price tag, OTB?
Say there is a JG M4 and G&G M4 on the table. You turn around, and someone mixes them up. You pick up each one and fire a good amount of rounds. Would the differences in quality be obvious? If so, which one would stand out more and why?

I've explained enough why the JG is on paper a much better performer in everyway but it is an unfair comparison, like apples and oranges because you are comparing a Cansoft gun from Taiwan with clear plastic reciever and stock parts designed for the Japanese market's type of FPS but made to be importable to the Canadian market...with a full metal Chinese clone airsoft gun that is technically restricted from import into this country and that is pre-upgraded a lot from the factory already. To be honest, I haven't held the new JGs. I've only read reviews on them from international airsoft sites. Go read reviews of these guns yourself.

It's all subjective and not something anyone can tell you unless they actually have both guns. They will feel different, they will sound different. All I can offer is that Taiwanese guns like G&G feel "tighter" and my experience with JGs is that sometimes they feel more "creaky" - again those are the old plastic versions. Not full metal. Also the JG's I have had in the past sounded "whiney" and "sproingy" but that is due to the cheaper gearbox components of their earlier releases.

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