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Originally Posted by Sawstink View Post
I'm assuming the G&G M4 CQB for $370 is still a good buy though? I just don't see how the JG can be so cheap and yet out play a stock gun that is twice it's price....
Where are you seeing JG prices? Of course the prices you see online for the JG is not what you going to be able to pay to get one in Canada.

You would pay double the MSRP you see on US websites for the JG gun in Canada. That general rule applies for almost every airsoft gun here. The G&Gs are made specifically for the Canadian market and are already at Canadian pricing on Canadian websites. If you were to buy the same G&G gun in the US, it would have a metal lower reciever and cost half of that $370 or less. A G&G Blowback M4 is sold by Canadian retailers for $350. In the states, it's only $140.

Get age verified and you can figure out how Canadian pricing works in order to make a better decision for yourself. We can't tell you about what is in the age restricted area, only a general idea of prices.

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