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Originally Posted by daveno42 View Post
Hi can anyone tell me what a tracer does and how it works? Also what is a chairsofter?
They explained the Chairsofter now here's the other one.

A Tracer is just what it sounds like. It is a bullet that has core at the rear of the bullet containing a burning elelment (usually Phosphorus) so the person who fired it can trace the path of the bullet. It can be used to walk your fire onto target or as a means of showing others where to fire. There are no Tracers in airsoft but there are glow in the dark BBs that can be illuminated for night or low light. The difference is Tracers work in any lighting condition but can be obscured by dense fog and smoke. The BB Tracer unit is something that looks like a suppressor on the barrel of a weapon and fires a laser or intense light beam in the chamber to light the BB just as it's firing. This is so you don't wander around glowing in the dark waiting to fire. They work great especially if you're trying to find that guy with the Tracer unit. That's the other difference, tracers are hard to see when they are coming at you, glow in the dark BBs are not.
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