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LOL, people always come with random stories about wierd lubricants and oils they found and ask if they work. What's next? Olive Oil? Artificial Butter they got at the movie theatre?

Do what everyone says - use silicone oil. Even the slightest amounts of petroleum products - even in the carrier or aerosol can damage your o-rings over time. If you are greasing mechanical components - go for some lithium or graphite or molybdenum grease. Never use the ugly white stuff (Lith Ease).

Hop-E-Lube is for model trains and PVC plastics. Why would anybody ever even consider using it for something where perfect airseals are neccessary? Silicone oil is cheap as heck and a little bottle will last you like 5 years! I spilled 75% my bottle by accident and I've been using it for an entire year and it doesn't look like the volume has changed at all. You are only using a few drops at a time afterall.

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