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Finally another Update.

Well lots has happened to this bad boy since I last posted lets start with the upgrades.:

-Systema 4/5 Port Cylinder
-Rear Wired

-Guarder Delta ring
-Guarder KAC RAS
-G&P HK416 Stubby Stock and 9.6V 3300mah battery
-KA Delta Force 110mm Suppressor Foam Filled
-Paint Job mostly Khaki and OD from Krylon

To install the Delta ring required a bit of pre-assembly and dremeling to make it fit the gas tube in and through. This took a bit of time so be patient if you do this. Which was necessary to install the RAS since the barrel nuts had different diameters and the RAS required the Guarder Delta Ring.
To install the Stubby stock you have to cut the stock tube on the lower receiver to just 25mm. I recommend a good clamp or vice for this.(make sure you don't put to much pressure though or you will crack the body.)

Now this bad boy has seen a whopping 12,500rds (aprox.) without being cleaned. I have used this gun since I opened the box as is without cleaning. Now it has been in snow, light rain, sleet, slush, dirt, clay, rubble, gravel, and grass. And it hasn't even jammed.

The body tab on the lower that had cracked hasn't gotten worse. I will break the mechbox before I break the lower. This thing is a workhorse. Which means only one thing I have to get a metal body just so that way when the paint wears off it will have that nice shiny worn look to it.

This next section is part of a review Tys(M102404) wrote and I am using with permission. Thank you for this. It makes for a more informative read. All parts not related to the light version and externals have been opted out.

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Wiring & Motor

17. Motor collar is plastic. Odd.

Inner Barrel/Hopup/Other
3. 1 piece grey plastic hopup. green dials that are quite stiff to move (nice). barrel clip does not index the inner barrel well....check alignment before putting it in the upper receiver.

23. Inner barrel is about 10 3/4" long...made of brass. Nice inner finish.

4. Mechbox is black painted inside and out...nothing special, wonder what's under the paint. Might be a bit heavier than a stock TM (might be the paint)...but it's certainly not "reinforced" anywhere.

5. 8mm bearings...tiny plastic shims cover the bearing races...don't loose those. Lots of shims...haven't checked how good the factory job was...tomorrow. (The light has 6mm bushings)

6. G&G stamped gears....nice. 5 notch bevel.

7. Bearing spring guide...plastic body on the spring guide. There's flashing on the plastic big deal, but reinforces where they're spending their money. (the light has a form of bearing spring guide but it is not a True bearing spring guide)

10. 2nd tooth on the piston (black plastic) was not molded. The piston head is ported and has "cyclone" style ports. Full tooth...all (except last tooth) plastic.

11. The cylinder is ported. The port is further forward than regular M4 ported don't mix 'em up. This port is 15.13mm long and starts 21.96mm from the rear of the cylinder. The ports of two of my other M4 cylinders are 14.96/15mm long and start 13.58/12.96mm from the rear.

12. The nozzle has an o-ring and does not seal well at all. Leaks considerably. (This is one of the most common problems it appears with these G&G guns.)

13. No compression at all out of the box. I'll have to check out the stock o-ring...not uncommon in a lot of guns. (If you can't or don't know what compression is don't attempt this.)

14. White nylon cylinder head...nothing fancy. Good air seal.

15. Good greasing.

16. Linear spring. Pretty stiff...I'll compare against some references tomorrow.

18. Mechbox screws are allen keys...nice. They're on the left side of the mechbox...WTF?!? is that a dirty trick or something? (I can't recall...but I think some of the clone mechboxes are like that as well).
I'll try to get the pics up in a couple of days.
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