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Originally Posted by SNK View Post
The JG - I would game out of the box. The G&G probably has nicer external plastics and furniture - (then again the newest S-Systems by JG are full metal), but performance-wise, I would be upgrading the G&G's internals.
I've gamed against the Cansoft AEGs several times, there's no more reason to upgrade them out of the box than upgrading JGs. They're solid performers out of the box.

It's the same old advice that's been dispensed for years: unless you've had years of experience tinkering with airsoft guns, field the gun before upgrading it. One of the most basic newbie mistakes is dumping money into internals for no other reason than they think they won't be satisfied with the stock FPS, ROF, accuracy, what have you, based on numbers alone. I've been there myself.
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