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Originally Posted by Sawstink View Post
So last question. Basically, if I bought a G&G M4 CQB, OTB it would out perform a JG M4 s-system? The biggest things that I am concerned about are accuracy, reliabilty/durability, and ROF
The G&G Cansoft lines are sort of middle-tier, they have stock components and shoot 350-360 FPS. The newest JG S-System has an m120 spring stock in it and will shoot 400 FPS out of box. JG's internals are getting better if you can find the newer versions of their guns. The latest versions are quick excellent (for example, has a factory mosfet, bearing spring guide, reinforced gearbox, some guns have bearings in the gear or bushings, etc.) while the first releases from 2-3 years were not very good and just standard TM clones (nylon bushings, plastic spring guide, etc.).

The JG - I would game out of the box. The G&G probably has nicer external plastics and furniture - (then again the newest S-Systems by JG are full metal), but performance-wise, I would be upgrading the G&G's internals.

Durability has to goto JG for the new releases since it's full metal. G&G has nice externals (except if it's Cansoft - you'll have a plastic clear reciever instead of metal reciever of the new S-System). ROF is easily changed as one of the biggest influencing factors is simply what battery you are using...the other is the spring in the gun. With the same 8.4v battery on each gun out of the box, G&G will fire faster since it has a weaker spring. Weaker gun because of weaker spring and it's easier to cycle and therefore it will shoot faster. Since the JG is 400FPS, I'd assume it would come with a stiffer hop-up rubber from the factory. It could give it slightly more effective range and accuracy but not a lot. I've heard on some US forums that the new JG's also come with 6.03mm tightbores as well but I can't confirm this. That would help accuracy and range.

Overall out of box - the JG (as long as it's the latest version and not the 1-2 year old kinds) win in every department...the thing is you can't easily buy one in Canada whereas G&G you can. You can always buy a G&G and upgrade the heck out of it too since parts are not restricted and easily purchased.

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