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Discharger for 7.2V TM

Yeah, because I like to read instructions and not be a noob, I decided in order to discharge my battery I would simply hold it on full auto for like 30 seconds to drain the battery. Don't even bother calling me an idiot for that, I'll do the honors: I was a retard for doing so. Now I've only done it like once or twice so I don't think I did damage to my gearbox or w/e, thing still shoots fine. At least I don't think I did. If it still shoots the same distance it did before I'm assuming it's fine? o_O Anyways, I needs a discharger.

My questions are for tl;dr:

1. Where can I get my hands on a discharger for my 7.2V 500mah MP7 battery? Any Canadian places sell em?
2. Other than opening the gun up and looking at the gears and guts of it (even then I don't honestly know what to look for) any way to tell if you've fucked up your gears etc by dryfire? My gun sounds the same and shoots the same as far as I can tell so...

Sorry for the essay :P HALP PLOX
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