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Originally Posted by Sawstink View Post
Ok, I plan to play outdoor matches anyways. And yes I am at least 18, I just have no time on my hands right now for AVing. I realize that I am probably being very annoying and bothersome with all of these questions, and thank you for your patience
Last questions (for now)
Is the M4 Enhanced version considerably higher grade than the regular M4?
I also noticed that the JG has a higher OTB FPS... but as someone stated before, companies often raise the FPS to get us noobs all excited. The JG is also considerably less expensive than the G&G, and would the metal recievers on the G&G really rasise the price this much, or are the internals better on the G&G overall. Thanks for all of your answers BTW, if I were you, I would be kind of frustrated
JG internals MAY be better than the G&G THOUGH G&G has higher quality control. basically on a 1 to 10 rating if G&G is 5 JG ranges from 1 to 10 and it's pure luck you get a good one or shit one (mind you I stand by JG as a good brand, but it's a gamble especially if you don't know how to upgrade fix yourself)

Also, it'll take just a few minutes out of your day to meet an age verifier either before or after work/school. if you do not have that much time then your best off not getting an airsoft gun cause you apparently wouldn't have time to use it.

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