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The thing is I really don't have any time in the near future, mid summer being the soonest possible. Basically, my question is would getting a stock M16 be worth it over getting an M4 and upgrading it to the point that it would perform as well as the M16, and also be used in CQB? From what I can understand an M16 is too big and bulky for CQB, but the M4 is built for it, and parts could be added to make it be just as respectable in long range or woodland battles?
Like we said.. internally, the M4 and M16 are identical. The only difference is the length of the barrel. The performance difference between them is almost nothing. The M16 might be a little more accurate at range because of the longer barrel, but that's it.

As for CQB, I've done CQB with my G36, and even with the stock collapsed, that was a pain. If you're planning on doing CQB the smaller gun will be better. However, if you're playing mostly woodland, it comes down largely to personal preference.

We can't tell you which gun to buy.

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