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RE: Blinky (Age Verifier)

well, seeing how i decided to persue this hobby a little further, and wanting to be able to buy, using the forums, i got age verified yesterday.....

now, i live an hour or so south of the "big smoke (city)", and don't come out too often, so, as the family was going to see FleetwoodMac last night, i got ahold of "Blinky" earlier in the week to set up a face to face meeting with him....

he was nice enough to meet me, at a restaurant prior to the show, all i had to do was call him when i was in wpg, and he took time from his own life to meet with me, and we had a chance to talk about the hobby, and various aspects of it..... awesome guy. plain and simple.

i'd like to publicly thank Blinky for taking time to do this! i must say he's a true ambassador to the hobby, Thanks Blinky!

i also had the opportunity to stop by Xtreme Tactics and drop a couple hundred buck on stuff, wow, looks like they stock a ton of stuff, nice!

and amazing enough, i was "age Verified" on the forums when i got home around 1:30AM! that was fast!

its the attitude of guys like Blinky that can only make the hobby stronger


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