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Originally Posted by tunabreath View Post
That's debatable.

I'd say what affects accuracy most would be first the quality of your barrel and ammunition, then the stability of your hop up, and then the consistency of your muzzle velocity.
Google "is a longer barrel more accurate?" and you'll come up with a good number of results, most of which would indicate no.
While this true, it depends as well on what you're comparing.

Take two bone stock guns, say an M16 and an MP5, and with all else being equal, the length of the barrel will make quite a difference. Stick a tightbore in the MP5 however and suddenly it doesn't matter so much anymore.

Likwise, with everything else being equal, a 6.04mm, 519mm length barrel will be more accurate than a shorter one of the same type. Bore and length do make a difference.

It's pretty hard to cover every concievable thing that effects accuracy in a single short post anyway. You're absolutly correct with what you added -BB and barrel quality have a ton to do with it, so do a few other things.

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