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Originally Posted by Zakaib View Post
My understanding is that tooth injuries (chipping, outright losing teeth) are some of the most common injuries in Airsoft, next of course to eye injuries. I highly recommend getting some kind of protection for your mouth, and its basically mandatory to get protection for your eyes.

Other than that, the face is no worse than any other part of your body to get hit, in a medical sense. Personally, I wear a mask -- not a helmet, but enough to cover the majority of my face and ears.

I am inclined to agree with anyone in this thread who claims to wear gloves, too. Those hits are definitely the most painful, due to the frequency of their occurence.
No way, i completely disagree, Teeth and eye injuries are definatley NOT the most common injuries in airsoft. We all take precautions to avoid these. Most common are bleeders, falls, things like that. I don't hear about broken teeth every game do you?
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Is there a Cansoft Banhammer with a clear plastic shaft? And will it be compatible with full metal/wood Banhammers?

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I'm a sniper.

Because I'm fat and can't run fast.
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