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Originally Posted by The Saint View Post
If they find anything you can't import, they only take what you can't import.

The fake bullet thing is an urban legend. Well, except for things like the double MP5 or M4 hicaps with the bullets sticking out the top.
Hmm, glad to hear that. I would find it weird that you can't import that but fake bullet belts that were the rage with punks and goths a few years ago can go thru no problem. But airsoft things do seem to attract the absurd. I am worried tho that if, like you said, the MP5 and M4 mags with the fake bullets that sticks out the top are illegal, there isn't that much of a difference to a normal G36 mag and it's entirely up to the mood of the custom agents going thru it to decide...

Might be an urban legend with some basis to it methinks...

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