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Age Verified?

hey guys....

as i just joined this forum, i havnt had a chance to get age verified yet. and as i live 90+ miles away from anyone that can do it, it may take a while, but i fully intend to do it..... as a matter of fact, i talked with Amos yesterday about it again, but he's out of town, and he pm'd me some names of other "verifiers" in the "not so local" area.....

now what can i see in the for sale section when i get verified that i cant see at retailers sites? can i find full metal, all black receivers (for example)? and if so, what are the average prices of such? i mean, if i want an airsoft gun off e-bay, all metal, i can get it. im sure most of us can..... heck, a week or so ago, i got a JG M4 SIR, all black, like new for 90.00 U.S.....;-)

for example, if i were to want a metal receiver for a mp5 type airsoft gun, what would the average price i could expect to see here? (i can get one from a seller on ebay for 50.00 US)

or say, a full metal front end for an mp5sd? ( i bought one yesterday from an ebay seller for 90.00, a B&T ICS full metal front end).

are the deals to be had here comparable? lets just say, if i go out of my way to get verified, only to find that stuff is selling for retardly high prices, well......

and, what are the laws here (Canada, not the forums), regarding sales of all black, metal airsoft guns from forum member to member, i mean, i understand dealers can't stock them and sell them to individuals, so wouldnt that mean that an individual cant sell such to another individual?

im just curious how this all works, and what the general rules are..... and as im getting into the hobby, and have decided to build up a collection of these things, if i can get the real looking deal here, i'll go out of my way to get verified, getting items from the US is a real inconvenience..... even if i have to pay a little more here, money is no object.... i have no problem dropping 5-600 on a gun, heck, even a grand, if its WHAT i want..... ill build a six or seven unit gun rack on my hobby room wall and the'll look awesome hanging there (along with my 10,000+ in model RC heli's) ;-)

and id like to re-iterate what ive posted before in other posts, im NOT INTO GAMING, my guns have never been pointed at another person, and they won't ever be..... so when you read about my desire to build 500+ fps AEG's, keep that in mind.... i have a young son, and im teaching him gun control and responsibility with a gun, and pointing them at other people is strictly out of the question. plus i have arthritis in my back, and a bad knee, so i cant run, cant crouch, am old, and shot..... no gaming ! :-) ;-)

thanks for reading the long winded novel of a post, but im just curious.

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