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ok, my JG M4 SIR upgrades have been ordered, for the most part....

my second project is on the way, i bought a used JG mp5 sd5, and a JG Navy full metal, and ordered a CA B&T all metal MP5 SD front end, and rear full stock.

it will get a full systema metal gearbox with M150 spring, barrel and hopup undecided. :-)

for my third gun for my "collection", i want a SCAR, but im unsure which one to get? i pretty much want the best model, based on the looks, and build quality. the internals won't matter that much, as i can just replace the entire gearbox with a ready to run systema, like im doing with my Mp5 build..... so, which one has the best hardware, and stock set-up? im reading the D-Boys Scar has a fairly crappy stock thats prone to breakage, and the tan model has too many colors for me...

im prolly gonna get a black model, but the tan model is growing on me....

what do you guys think?
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