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Originally Posted by ansarm View Post
So apart from "noob's opinons dont count" and the "TF16 gun is crap, everyone knows this" do you have any other reasonable arguements?

Did you ever examine the gun yourself? Have you found the receiver plastic to be inferrior? Is the v2 gearbox unreliable?

So I am a Newbie, and this is the Newbie section of asc. I had hoped to be able to come here and speak my mind without being flamed. If I have offered any advice that is incorrect, please correct me. But dont call me out because "noob's opinions dont count"
like i said before, search TF16 and then search Kraken on these forums, then you will see, I'm not going to do your research for you, that same thread you posted, you can see all the shit that Borden needed to do to get it to work properly and the complaints by all the other owners.

I have a friend who will remain nameless as he is ashamed that bought it and returned it to Bass Pro the day after, I don't need to hold the gun to know its shitty, I know how to do research

I flamed you because you are giving bad advice to someone who doesn't know better, that's all, not because you are a noob.

When I said noobs' opinions don't count, I meant that they know less about guns, and therefore ANY gun, no matter how shitty would appear to be good, when they have nothing to compare it to
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