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Originally Posted by ansarm View Post
Listen, instead of arguing, why dont you read my post again, and then come up with reasons why the gun is a bad one for someone who only wants to spend $150.

- the TF16 gun is crap, everyone knows this, do some research, and by research I dont mean one review by one person who; by the end of that thread is saying the gun is shit, read some more reviews by other ppl (non-noobs only, noobs' opinions don't count, they don't know anything)

- for someone on a limited budget, the kraken is a way better gun requiring alot less modification to be a good gun for gaming with, type kraken in the search function on this site and you will find TONS of threads on the subject saying that it is the best entry-level gun for the money, this is COMMON KNOWLEDGE

- the kraken is 140 plus tax, I'd say that puts it in his range, no?
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