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Depends on what you define as "reasonable". In canada, a gun will typically run for 1.5-3x the price of a brand new gun in the states. And the higher up the range you go, the lesser the multiplyer. As an example, a DBoys may cost around $120 or something in the states, but will cost around 2.5-3x the price here. Whereas a Marui can be found for $550-650 new, and it costs around $300 in the states. Make sure you read ALL the stickies as well. This entire AV process is to prevent some stereotypically dumb kid from screwing over everyone in canada who plays airsoft by shooting their friend, or worse, a stranger... as a "prank", and then causing serious injury by hitting them in the eye or something. However, that is not to say that all the people under 18 are irresponsible bastards and all the people over 18 are people of a higher echelon in society... Anyways, stick around the forums a bit, and pick up knowledge.
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I'll bet Ronan was the one who sent that email.
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The chinese steal everything. Haven't seen an original idea come out of that country yet.
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