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Originally Posted by theguy View Post
I belive SIR used to (and might still) sell the kracken for like 120

If you really want to get in on the cheap then go to basspro in vaughn mills and buy either the TF16 or any of the aftermath products. They are all over 360fps and under $150. There are many reviews of them online and on this board. You can then paint them.

You CANNOT import from the US.

If you want to get camo on the cheap, go to walmart and pick out some woodland LONG sleeved shirts and pants. Bass pro also has some stuff but its pretty expensive.

You must wear good face protection. On this you cannot scrimp. Get paintball masks and a very thin ski mask that will cover your neck. Make sure they are NON fogging. The airsoft goggles that basspro sells is complete crap.

There are many guys here who are hardcore, some are laid back. If you want to get into this seriously then save your money and get a good gun and more realistic clothing. If not, dont waste your money.
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