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Ive been on the sidelines of airsoft for quite sometime (joined up back in 04), and only recently have I been able to get "into" the sport due to my lack of legal age.

But from my lengthy time in the sidelines, I've learned that this is nowhere near an "affordable" sport. Why do you think there are always people trying to bum rides to games, or why there are always 100 people on the site at any givin moment (even at 3am) No it's not because we have no money or too much spare time, wait thats exactly it.

Shit went off on a tangent, anyways as a fellow noob I highly recommend you guys go out to a game and trying this out before dropping down any hard cash.

But of course you are more than welcome to drop cash down on a nice load out. I'm willing to buy some gear if you guys decide to bail out of here faster than the US government bails out shitty companys.

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