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There is no such thing as "competition grade" guns. There is only complete crap, lesser crap, not as crappy, and good.

For a decent gun, you're looking at $350 MINIMUM, and that doesn't count the price of batteries, magazines, a good charger, eye protection, and any tactical gear you may want. The commonly accepted amount to get into airsoft in Canada is about $1,000. It can, however, be done for less. $500-$600 is your absolutle minumum. Less than that and you're starting to make some serious compromises in equipment quality that's going to cost you more money in the long run.

A lot of n00bs like to say "I don't want to spend that much, I just want to play casual.." Learn from those of us who have been playing for a while. Once you add up all the money you spent on shit that keeps breaking, you'll wish you'd done the initial higher investment from the beginning.

Another common argument is "I don't want to spend a lot of money on a gun incase I don't like it and want to sell it later." That's actually a false argument. Higher quality airsoft guns, like TM, CA, metal ICS, etc. will resell for 90% of their purchase price if in good condition. With cheaper guns, good luck getting even a 75% return.

Also, don't play in a forest if it's public land. That's a stupid idea.

Most airsoft guns are battery powered. You can get gas ones, but they're expensive (think around the $2,000 range) and require a lot of maintenance. They're also very hard to find. As for will the battery last, that really depends on your play style. I can make a 1500mah mini last all day, whereas some people will suck a 3000mah large dry in an afternoon.

For n00bs getting into the game, I'd suggest either a JG gun (runs around the $350 range), or if you want awesomeness, a Classic Army (runs around the $600 range in full metal glory). Many people will suggest the new G&G or ICS halfbreeds with the clear lower reciever. Personally, I think these guns are way overpriced, considering for the same money you can get a full black and sometimes metal AEG of comparable or better quality.

The best place to get AEGs in Canada is in the classifieds on this forum. In order to gain access you must meet with an Age Verifacation representative and show them ID proving you are 18 years old or older. If you're under 18, good luck. The ASC community does not support the aquistion of airsoft guns by those under 18, and you will not recieve help in getting one.

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