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I just let know what I have in possession... not that I been looking for spare parts for pellet guns... to me , pellet gun parts, if any fail, may be obtained in Canada through stores I bought them in... my concern is the BB guns that I have-HI Capa 05 and 1911 A1... Ai for that stupid red tip, that's why I have been making those questions about availability of outer barrels, and, Hi Capa, I would love to change that almost transparent grip... I seen either all black plastic and one all metal on the net... how real does it look that I might get one from US or Taiwan??? One chance in a 1000.....???
And then, I have that great big revolver shooting 4.5 speels.... they use shells, looks pretty "realistic"... I wonder if I could get them from EVIKE, as it's the only place they're in.. (in fact, those shells are like see through... they only look like " they're real stuff ...)
These are my "tiny problems.. as , say, speed-loading the 6-shooter with "almost real-looking shels is kinda hot ...
Also, for my M1911A1 I would like to change the hammer(?) or whatrever name it is, as in the construction, it's slightly on one side , as it gets "rubbed" on one side too much( it should have been installed with some space between the body(sliding top and the hammer.. so I have some technical problem too solve too... I will post some pics of the problem, maybe somebody may come up with a solution
The pistol grip is usually known has the frame of the pistol and is illegal to import. For the shells, out of Canada is no no too. For the barrel, is it just painted or is it a orange plastic tip glued there.
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