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Originally Posted by viraL View Post
Usually, you'd want your gun to be front heavy. Easier for point ability. I find with crane stocks and full stocks, that it almost weighs down in my shoulder. I don't like it. It also adds to the straight on your pistol grip hand, and that's not cool.

you want your weapon balanced.. .. back weighted will imporve pointability .. but will also cause wide spacing of shots in reflexive shooting.

Front heavy will result in low or also widespacing ( even wider ) when reacting to targets.

Idealy you want a weapon that is well balanced and rests in your grip without having to be held tightly.

AS guns tend to be front heavy anyway as most have overly light receivers and stocks

Adding a lot of "stuff" to the fore end will make it worse.

in the end poor balance is worse than heavy weight when it comes to shooting.
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